Cologne Triathlon Weekend exhibitions

a.) Triathlon exhibition at lake Fühlinger See

During the Cologne Triathlon Weekend event weekend from Thursday, 30rd August, 2018 till Sunday, 2th September, 2018 there will be a triathlon exhibition at lake Fühlinger See. It is the ideal place to be for all companies that want to present themselves and their familiarity, expertise and support of the triathlon sport as well as show their products to a big audience. The price per square metre on the exhibition space at lake Fühlinger See is 50.00 € for all 4 days.

The stands can be reserved in advance via our registration-form (find below). The reservation becomes binding when the registration fee will have been transferred to our bank account.


b.) Triathlon exhibition in Cologne city centre

In 2017, there will also be a triathlon exhibition in the finish area in Cologne city centre. The exhibition will be open all day on Sunday, September 3, 2017 for all people interested.

In addition to the potential buyers among CTW participants and spectators, this exhibition allows interested companies to address walk-by people and tourists on the heavily frequented river Rhine esplanade.
A sufficient number of visitors will also be secured by an appropriate pedestrian flow management and signposting to the exhibition area.

The price per square metre on the exhibition space in Cologne city centre is 100.00 €. As space is scarce inside the city centre the stands will be given away in form of a ‚first in, first served’ procedure! Reservations are only binding after transfer of the rental fee onto our bank account is confirmed.





c.) Combined triathlon exhibition stand

For exhibiting companies that want to book stands on both exhibition areas, is price per square metre 135.00 €. 

Special offer for exhibiting companies – your advertising material and give-away samples in the CCTW starter bag:

All exhibiting companies can especially address their target group by contributing contents to the starter bag. The price of this offer depends on the type of content you are adding. For small presents, promotional give-aways, samples or flyers that include a bonus voucher of at least 10.00 €, the charge is 350.00 €. Purely promotional flyers (or flyers with vouchers worth less than 10.00 €) will be charged 700.00 €.

To book a exhibition stand please send in the registration form duly filled out.

Here, you will find the relevant exhibition registration form: