Insurance for the Cologne Triathlon Weekend

We have looked over our code of conditions and enhanced them in your favour.


We now offer the following possibilities:

You have the choice whether with a fee of

€ 15,- for the Cologne226 and Cologne226 extreme+
€ 12,- for the Cologne Hawaii-Special
€ 7,- for the Cologne226 half
€ 5,- for the CologneOlympic
€ 4,- for the CologneSmart

you want to add an insurance against serious illness or other circumstances which would not allow a start at the Cologne Triathlon Weekend. The policy must be made at the time of registration. Retrospective cancellation policies are not possible!


The starting place can be credited to the same distance at a Cologne Triathlon Weekend within the following two years (even if the start price increases in those years, there will be no additional payments required!)  when the participant is unable to take part in the Cologne Triathlon Weekend for any of the following reasons:


1. Sudden onset of a serious illness for the participant 
Serious accident injuries, illnesses or the death of the registered person (for example, serious bone fractures
or ruptured tendons, diagnoses of cancer made first after registration for the Cologne Triathlon Weekend).
Proof of hospitalization or a medical attest from the consulting physician with the exact diagnosis must be provided.

Psychological illnesses, which first appear after the registration for the Cologne Triathlon Weekend, and require either in-patient care at a hospital or treatment by a 
Proof of in-patient care or medical evaluation from the psychologist must be provided.

The following are not considered as serious illnesses: influenza, colds, muscular imbalance
, bruises, pulled muscles, hip problems or similar. In addition, insidious or chronic illnesses as well as stress are not included.


2. Pregnancy of a participant,

when the pregnancy is first determined after registration for the Cologne Triathlon Weekend. If the pregnancy is determined after the registration for the Cologne Triathlon Weekend, the start place will NOT be credited.
A copy of the Mother-Child pass must be provided.

3. Serious medical problems resulting from an accident or the death of a family member,

where the presence at home of the registered participant is urgently required. Family members are considered to be spouse (or partner living in the same household), children and parents.
A medical attest from the doctor of the ill person must be provided.

4. Serious property damage of the participant’s property
at his/her home as a result of 
an “act of God” (fire, water damage, earthquake, storm), or the criminal act of a third party, which makes the presence of the participant necessary.
Police report or other official reports, which confirm the extent of the damage, or insurance reports, must be provided.
5. Unforeseeable, urgent, long-term professional deployment outside of the country,

which first happen after the registration for the Cologne Triathlon Weekend.

Attestation by the employer including the date and length of the deployment as well as the date of the decision of the deployment must be provided.


A credit for the start place will NOT be provided, when:

• all required documents for the cancellation insurance are not provided to the Jeschke & Friends Veranstaltungsservice by August 16, 2017. Any notifications after this date will not receive a credit for the start place.

• the medical attest is older than two weeks at the time the cancellation is turned in.

• the medical attest is not in the German or English language.

• the medical attest does not unambiguously state the diagnosis a serious illness. (We reserve the right to have the attest checked by a physician of our choice!)

• the problem had already existed at the time of the registration.

• a pregnancy had already been determined before the registration for the Cologne Triathlon Weekend.

• when for psychological problems, proof of an in-patient hospital treatment or an evaluation from the treating psychiatrist is not provided.

• all required documents are not provided to Jeschke & Friends Veranstaltungsservice within two weeks.

• the property damage to a participant’s property is not confirmed by police report.

• the cancellation formula or attest are submitted in an unreadable manner.

Kontakt: Jeschke & Friends Veranstaltungsservice Severinskirchplatz 12 50678 Köln Tel.: 0221-29 49 933 E-Mail: info(at)