When do I give my bike and find out where which bag is, when I'm on the Cologne226 start and how do I get everything back together after the race?

We recommend 226ern to have checked-in their bike by Saturday evening and also give up the bag for the second transition area.
Yet both are also on Sunday morning just before the start possible.

We transport the swim stuff from the first transition area to the finish area and also a "dry-bag stuff" can be transported from the first transition area to the finish area.

After crossing the finish line everything will be in the second transition zone or in the finish area (which is right next to each other).

We recommend NOT using the car to drive to the swim start (if you are alone), since otherwise only because of the car you must go to the lake again.
In the morning, a shuttle bus is driving from the Maritim Hotel (our race hotel) to the lake Fühlinger See that can be used free of charge (but without the bike).

The shuttle bus is also going back to the finish area on Sunday in case someone still has to get his car.