How does the race proceed?

After picking up the starting documents, you can check in into the transition area. You can also pick up the starter package a day before and make yourself familiar with the arrival, the start and finish area, and the transition area. You must show your bike and helmet to the volunteers at the check-in into the transition area (brake control, control record). The bike will be marked with a starting number label (important when you check out after the race). Please hook your bike into the bike rack in the transition area and lay your bike and run clothes down as close as possible for a quick access (do not interfere other athletes - a small plastic basket is very useful).

By all means, you should be in time at the starting line in the water, but not too early. 5 to 10 minutes for warm up should be enough. The freestyle (front crawl) is classified as the most economical and fastest type of stroke. Swimmers with a breaststroke should position themselves in the back. You should slow down your paste at the last 20 to 30 meters and focus on the split time and the transition. You will be celebrated by the audience at the water exit and need to start peeling off your wetsuit (if used) to the waist on the way to the transition area, but not take it off completelly! The helmet strap must be buckled before taking the bike and can be unbuckled after putting it back on the rack . Once you are on the bike, everything goes automatically. As there is an endurance run at the end, you should divide your strength and not drive like a furious person. Do not forget to drink regularly! In the transition area the bike may be pushed ONLY. At the run, once again you can put your whole heart in it and pass a lot of people, as far as your strength have been paced properly.