How runs the race procedure at the Company Team Cup and the other relay?

All relays undergo the same routes we run the individual athletes and together with them. On Saturday, the Company Team Cup participants are in the 2nd Start group divided. On Sunday at Cologne226 and Cologne226half are each in the joint mass start.

The championship is virtually the "baton" and is passed by from the swimmers to cyclists, and later transferred to the runner  in the transition area at the assigned bike racks. You might want to attach the chip on a Velcro strip so that it can be made to each ankle. (Velcro can be purchased during the public issue or at the fair).

Just before the finish on Saturday and on Sunday there is so-called meeting points where the participants from the relay are waiting for their relay partner who is running and then walk together to the finish. The common finish is not only allowed but encouraged! Because in the finish area is all the food and also the finisher shirt. And on the photo finish, you really even be together!