Course Description CologneOlympic

1.5 km swim will be in the World Cup regatta course of the lake Fühlinger See. Turning point for the Olympic Cologne is the first Buoy. Abbreviations are punishable by disqualification.


Start at the lake Fühlinger See to the first turning point on the industriestraße than the same route are driving back to the next turning point on the industriestraße. Then back to lake Fühlinger See and start a new round from there.  At total of cycling are three rounds each 15 km.

The route is entirely flat but exposed to the wind.

Bike-Course Samstag (15 km)

The route to depart

General Information Cycling:

The routes are on Saturday blocked from 09:00 till 17:00 clock for use on public roads (except KVB bus). After the lifting of closures driving on the trails is at your own risk!
Drafting is forbidden, it is entered competition judges.
punishment by penalty
* 2 min at the CologneOlympic!
The police officers (police and marshals) is obliged to heed. In cycling helmet is compulsory!



The athletes in CologneOlympic run the course at the lake Fühlinger See. The course is up flat on two short steep climbs. The course has to be completed twice.

Running Course



Other route plans:

Plan Fühlinger Lake

Detail Plan and Runways lake Fühlinger See

Ride and Park Fühlinger Lake