CW-Cologne Triathlon Weekend-Collection

From CW we bought some triathlon apparel left-overs of very high quality. We branded them with the Cologne Triathlon Weekend logo and offer these products to special rates to you!  

CW-Cologne Triathlon Weekend Collection

Bilder Cologne Triathlon Weekend Collection
Oberteile: rosa-grau-weiß XS, S, M, L oder grün-türkis-weiß XS, S, M, L
Hosen: in grau XS, S oder in schwarz-türkis-grün S, M, L
Oberteile: grün-türkis-weiß XS, S, M, L
Hosen: türkis XS, S, M, L
Oberteile: gelb-grau-weiß XS, S, M, L
Hosen: in grau XS, S


Our special collection is available for you to the following conditions:

Subsidized Price:
 One-piece-suit: 60,- €
 top and shorts: 65,- €
 Only shorts or top: 35,- €
For our early-Birdler (all who sign up have until 30 September 2010) of course there is an extra price: 

 - CologneSmart-Participants:
 One-piece-suit: 50,- €
 top and shorts: 50,- €
 Only shorts or top: 25,- €
 -at least the Cologne226 half (ie Cologne226, half extreme, olympic or 226 extreme+) registered:
One-piece-suit: 40,- €
Combination of top and pants: 40,- €
Only pants or top: 20,- €

All prices are plus € 2.90 shipping costs!


please mail to: info(at) 

Give to the parts, use of the picture number of the desired article, and your desired size. We consider then whether the item is still available in your size. (In the one-splitters your desired color and size)